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Rating:5 Stars
Wr came to this pub. For a meal and this was the best choice I ever made t...
Rating:1 Star
Visited at 4pm yesterday. There were only a handful of people in the resta...
Rating:5 Stars
A friendly welcome and a lovely meal, plenty of good quality food, we had ...




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Average Rating
Food 80%
Value for Money 100%
Service 100%
Menu Choice 60%
Hospitality 100%
Overall 88%
Average Price Rating
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
£ = inexpensive
££££ = expensive
4.5 Stars
(1 Review)


Poulshot Road, Poulshot, Devizes, Wiltshire,
SN10 1RW
Telephone: 01380828271
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    Reviewed 13-Feb-2010 by apple (1)  
    Food: 4 Stars Value for Money: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars
    Menu Choice: 3 Stars Hospitality: 5 Stars Price: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Driving towards our destination in Devizes yesterday; to take up our overnight accommodation at 'The Bear' - we passed the village of Poulshot. 'Wadworth' brews it's beers in Devizes and delivers beers in Oak Barrels to a wonderful little pub called The Raven at Poulshot. The Raven is within the two mile maximum radius of deliveries by the Wadworth Shire horses. These wonderful dray horses are still actively delivering draught beers to pubs within local surroundings. It is a sight for sore eyes to watch the carts pulled by well groomed giant Shires with brasses polished and hooves shone - clitter - clatter along the cobbled stone sets, with cars in tidy line behind them - not a horn in anger is sounded at this picture long past. 'The Raven' is also a special visit in July where people gather to watch the great Shires turned loose to take their months holiday in the lush meadows surrounding this mystical little pub. A pint jug of Wadworth Ale is offered to the horses,who with happy grins and twisted tongs, take a restful drink. It is fun to see them stripped of their leather tethers, skip and dance in the butter cupped field. No one; who has ever witnessed this event, has any doubt that the horses know what is before them - a months rest from toil. We pushed open 'The Ravens' Saloon door to be greeted with a hello and a great big crackling log wood and bitumas coal fire - this mixture provided our second warm greeting. We moved towards the fire to find a seat - then we called upon the menu. I stood against the bar; five oak barrels were lined - truly levelled - against the wall - supported by a stout row of crossed oak staves. What is your fancy Sir! - I pointed towards Henry's Original - with a pull on the pump, up came a jug of beer with a a great head. As I was taking the head off the pint with my lips. A crowd of twelve men began to sit along a row of tables which had been reserved for the occasion. I soon found that they were all shooting colleagues. Dressed in tweed Shooting Breeks with long warm green socks - their boots previously discarded in the pub's wet porch - directed by the publican---- " Get yer muddy boots off lads before you join the others"!. I smiled as I watched this gaggle of men take their places - all had ruddy faces and happy expressions, so I guessed the day's shoot had been successful. --- I expect that among them were professionals - perhaps a doctor or a lawyer or two I'll wager. My mind turned again towards the fire, watching the flames lick around the coals; I was now in deep thought. What if I could be eighteen again; what different path would I have trodden. Yes , I thought; I would like my key turned back, but I would insist on my maturity also going back in time - for without it, I would make all the same stupid mistakes again. I pondered further - what would I have liked to have become - a farmer perhaps, or a lawyer. I decided this needed far more consideration ---- if I were to go back then I needed to deeply think this further. I was shaken out of this stupor by a voice " your meal is ready sir". Delightful it was too! The shooters were now onto their cheese course - the barmaid came to the table with a large farm cheese, as round as a dinner plate it were, with a fine mould, perfect as it should be. I giant bottle came next full of home made Sloe gin! The cheese was cut in thin slices, off the top like - not wedges as I do. Was this the Wiltshire way to serve cheese? More logs were piled upon the fire - however bellies were now replete - so off the men swerved towards the door. We spoke about the Sloe gin to the barmaid - it seemed that one of the farmers present had provided both the cheese and the pink Gin from his own larder - the remains to be kept in the pub for a later second visit . After the last customer had left; she stole over to our table with a smile and thimble of a free taste of home made Sloe gin - down the hatch it went; to the delight of the tongue. Yes, must come again to 'The Raven' on a cold frosty day!
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